Donate Your Old Glasses and Help Someone See Clearly: Join the VWO “See Clearly” Donation Drive

Donate Your Old Glasses

As the saying goes, one person’s garbage is another person’s treasure. This is especially true when it comes to eyeglasses. Your old glasses could be the key to improving someone’s vision and overall quality of life. By participating in the VisionWorks Optometry “See Clearly” Donation Drive, you can make a difference in someone’s life by donating your gently used glasses.

Donate Your Old Glasses
Here are some reasons why donating your old glasses is a great idea:
  • Your old glasses can be recycled and used by someone in need.
  • Not everyone has access to affordable eye care, and donating your glasses can help bridge that gap.
  • You can feel good knowing that you’re helping someone see clearly and improve their quality of life.

Worldwide, billions of people are visually impaired, with a high percentage of those people living in developing countries, where access to optical locations and affordability of eyeglasses are the main obstacles. This is according to the World Health Organization’s Prevention of Blindness Program.

Brian Wood, who facilitated eyewear donations on a recent trip to Cuba, expressed gratitude and shared that Team VWO’s recent donations had vastly improved the health and wellbeing of the recipients.

Brian had this to say, “The donation of glasses by Team VisionWorks has made a significant impact on the lives of many people in Havana. It is heartwarming to know that such a simple act of kindness can make a huge difference in the health and wellbeing of people. The recent donation has helped many people improve their eyesight, enabling them to carry out their daily activities with ease.

It’s not just the City of Havana that has benefited from VWO’s See Clearly Donation Drive. Their charitable efforts have reached many other communities around the world, providing people with access to eyewear that they may not have had otherwise. In fact, VisionWorks has donated thousand’s of glasses to those in need to date.

Donate Your Old Glasses

Team VisionWorks is committed to making a difference in people’s lives. Whether it’s through their in-store programs or their partnerships with organizations like the Lions Club Eyeglass Recycling program, VisionWorks wants to continue to make a positive impact on the world.

Thank you to Brian and the Lions Club for recognizing our efforts and for our customers donations in the past and in the future. Your support helps ensure that more people can receive the gift of clear vision and improved quality of life.

Donate your old glasses, it is easy! Simply drop off your glasses at VisionWorks Optometry, 4 – 2225 Guthrie Road, Comox, BC. So why not take a few minutes to clean out your drawers and donate your old glasses? Your donation could make a world of difference for someone in need.

Donate Your Old Glasses today… There is currently a need for:

  • Prescription reading glasses.
  • Single vision or bifocal or progressive eyeglasses.
  • Children’s glasses.
  • Prescription safety glasses.
  • Prescription and non-prescription sunglasses for children and adults.
  • Accepted eyewear: lenses in frames, frames only, or uncut lenses.
Donate Your Old Glasses